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meditation & life art

If you are searching for serenity & enlightenment in the midst of daily craziness,

you are in the right place! Join Now

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   Maisaralife School is a space for those who want to dive deep into studying meditation, wellbeing and life art - as an integrated online 8 months program. We teach through unprecedented creative and interactive methods using visual and auditory effects. We guarantee a practical and fun experience where knowledge is transmuted effortlessly between teacher and student, not just as theoretical or traditional courses.


Maisara Salah is the founder of Maisaralife School. He is a meditation instructor, life artist and video creator. Maisara presents unique mindfulness meditation sessions and workshops by combining art and science to create balance and harmony in our daily life using simple, yet deep methods.

Our mission is {Creating a solid environment for flourishing consciousness, love and enlightenment through perfecting the art of living in the present moment "the Now"}. Most of our problems arise because of over thinking in past and future. When we learn how to live in the present moment and make it a priority in our daily life, the quality of everything we do changes dramatically better. Then you begin to experience inner peace for real; to access joyful states of consciousness you never thought possible and see their manifestation in every aspect of your life.


Meditation is something simple and practical that anyone can practice in any condition. Meditation has the potential to transform your life mentally, physically and emotionally when practiced continuously and in the right way ...


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