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meditation n Egypt retreat - Maisaralife

   Since I was 5 I used to experience unexplained flashing moments of bliss and aliveness. I tried to explain what I experienced but no one would understand me, and the bliss would quickly fade away. Years later, I remembered those mystical moments and found out that this strange feeling was always there, hidden somewhere behind the curtain. Then I spent the rest of my time chasing this feeling through different artistic mediums. Until I was introduced to meditation and various arts of self development. A huge shift gradually took place through my daily practice, and I remembered who I am and what I’m here for; to experience the eternal truth of life, and to share it with you through simple, yet deep methods. I am here to inspire and be inspired; to remind you of who you truly are; your inner beauty and balance; to share with you the eternal Art of Life.

I am a meditation  instructor, writer, and  artistic-videos  creator. I  am  also  practitioner  and instructor  of  different  lifestyle  fields

of personal  development;  meditation,  energy,  and fine art. I present unique sessions and workshops by combining art and science to create balance and harmony in our daily life.

   Maisara Salah



Career Highlights:

  • Meditation Instructor & Life Artist presenting unique meditation workshops, private & group
    coaching sessions, meditation retreats and online workshops since October 2015


  • Founder of Maisaralife School for Meditation and Life Art, January 2022

  • Meditation Instructor at Mountain View, Dmg Hq since 2018

  • Dedicated self study and practice for different fields in Meditation and Personal
    Development since 2009


  • Practitioner of Tai-Chi & Chikung with instructor Ahmed Shaaban since 2017

  • Practitioner of Hatha Yoga with instructor Rania Elmaghraby since 2016 

  • International Academy of Personal Development Foundation and Advanced and Ambassador Certificates, 4th March 2013 – 1st February 2014, Dr Salah El Rashed

  • Art of Seeing five-senses art direction & photography training program Certificate, 30th September 2013

  • Previous Leader of Salam group Cairo (an international voluntary organization that aims at spreading peace, love, and enlightenment through weekly meditation and fruitful discussions), 2012

  • Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature, Ain Shams University,Egypt, 2012

  • Human Resources 'Recruitment and selection' and 'Organizational behavior' Certificates at the American University of Cairo

  • Series of Writing Workshops at ASU English Department Certificate, 2010

  • CTCHD Assistant Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming, 24th August, 2012

  • CTCHD Memory & Memorizing Certificate, 13th November, 2011, Dr Ibrahim El Fiky

  • Ebdaa’ Centre for Human Development Speed Reading & Mind Mapping Certificate, 12th November, 2011

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